Square: No, We Haven’t Been in ...

Square: No, We Haven’t Been in Acquisition Talks
Just a few months ago, most rumors about Square focused on the possibility of an IPO, but the narrative has shifted more recently to the possibility of the mobile payments startup being sold. The Information reported earlier this month that Google had studied an acquisition of Square, but the report stopped short of stating the two companie [...]

REPORT: Facebook To Announce Mobile A...

REPORT: Facebook To Announce Mobile Ad Network Plans At F8
Facebook initially began testing a mobile ad network in September 2012, and it began performing a second round of testing in September 2013. The tests will become reality in an announcement at its F8 global developer conference in San Francisco April 30, “multiple sources” told Re/code. continued… New Career Opportunities Daily: The be [...]

History, A&E and Lifetime network...

History, A&E and Lifetime networks launch on Apple TV
A trio of new content options from A+E Networks debuted on the Apple TV on Monday, with viewers now capable of watching content from History, A&E and Lifetime through new dedicated channels.

South Korea President: Ferry Captain&...

South Korea President: Ferry Captain’s Actions Were Like ‘Murder’
As the death toll from South Korea’s ferry disaster continues to rise — it was reported at 64 as of Monday morning — the country’s president has spoken out against the actions of the captain and crew. "The actions of the captain and some crew members were utterly incomprehensible, unacceptable and tantamount to murd [...]

Exclusive Research: How Do Millennial...

Exclusive Research: How Do Millennials Use Technology?
You’ve seen them: in cars, in coffeeshops, and in countless articles trying to explain what they do and why they do it. Millennials are everywhere. For marketers, they’ve become a hot topic of discussion over the past few years. And no wonder: Millennials have hit the workforce and will continue to do so for the next 5-10 years. [...]

Internet Inexplicably Fails To Name B...

Internet Inexplicably Fails To Name Bridge ‘Check Your Privilege Bridge’
Portland has a new car-free bridge that spans the Willamette River. TriMet received more than 9,500 entries when it asked its self-described weird residents to help name this new transit bridge.

Was Colonel Sanders Actually A Colone...

Was Colonel Sanders Actually A Colonel?
Kentucky Colonel is the highest honor that can be bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

5 Alternatives To Replace The Dreaded...

5 Alternatives To Replace The Dreaded CAPTCHA
At a time when bot technology is beginning to rival human faculties, many Web developers have begun seeking a better way to distinguish real users from nefarious spammers.

‘We Are Afraid Of Google’

‘We Are Afraid Of Google’
It's not like Google's impending world domination isn't already well-known or well-documented. But few prominent public figures have stood up and really ripped into the tech giant for holding a terrifying amount of power.

The Fastest Burrito In The World

The Fastest Burrito In The World
Another year, another breakthrough in Chipotle’s blinding burrito-making speed.

What We Left Behind

What We Left Behind
An increasingly authoritarian leader, a return of sectarian violence, and a nation worried for its future.

Caught In An Avalanche

Caught In An Avalanche
What happens when the snow begins to slide.

‘The Voice’ Takes Tailgat...

‘The Voice’ Takes Tailgating to a Social Level, and You’re Invited
Tailgate parties used to involve beers and brats before the big competition, but in the social age, not even that most American of institutions is safe from hashtags, selfies and whatnot. Starting Monday, NBC’s The Voice is launching a pre-show social media event during which artists, coaches, guest performers and other celebrities wi [...]

Which Companies Are Getting Local Mar...

Which Companies Are Getting Local Marketing Right?
Everyone, it seems, is taking local marketing more seriously. But who is really doing it well? In an effort to find out, LocalVox has published a new local marketing “report card.” And the findings are quite riveting. “When it comes to using local marketing to attract and retain customers and beat out the competition, many o [...]

Google issues Play Store credit for t...

Google issues Play Store credit for those who bought the fake “Virus Shield” app
A little less than two weeks ago, there was a story involving a prominent rise of a fake virus scanning app called “Virus Shield.” In its moments in the Play Store it garnered over 10,000 downloads and a pretty impressive rating of 4.7. However a break down by the folks over at Android Police showed the app was nothing more but a [...]

What is the difference between effici...

What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness marketing measures?
Efficiency and effectiveness definition & explanation I think many would think the meaning of efficiency and effectiveness are similar terms for describing the performance of a business process. If so, think again, since whatever the type of process you really need both types of measures when identifying the most suitable goals and measur [...]

Visme: Bring Visuals to Life

Visme: Bring Visuals to Life
If you’re looking for a way to bring visual content to life, then Visme could be the answer. Formerly known as Easy Web Content Presenter, the free browser-based tool allows marketers to easily create a range of visuals, including: Web and mobile animations Presentations Infographics Banner ads Graphs and charts Product demos In open beta [...]

RME360 Launches Web-Based SEO Program

RME360 Launches Web-Based SEO Program
Late last week, RME360 announced the launch of LocalMotion, a web-based SEO program designed to “improve advisors’ local search visibility in their target markets.” In short, the program identifies and repairs inconsistent listings of advisors’ company contact information, otherwise known as citations. LocalMotion work [...]

Got SEO Basics? 5 Tips To Boost Your ...

Got SEO Basics? 5 Tips To Boost Your Organic CTR
There’s no shortage of new digital marketing channels these days — and while they are innovative, exciting, and fun to experiment with, they can also distract you from SEO basics that can deliver performance gains. Your organic click-through rate (CTR) is a great example. A simple page... Please visit Search Engine Land for the f [...]

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